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Tuesday, February 25, 2003

Best Excuse for Not Blogging This Morning

There's a SWAT team in my apartment building and some poor guy threatening to kill himself or somebody else. Please pray for all of them. You might also pray that none of the trouble strays away from my building, as we're a block away from an elementary school.

Poorest Excuse for Observational Skills

You might also pray for me, since my "Don't Notice Me" field kept them from knocking on my door and warning me the way they did everybody else at four this morning, and my sleepiness just had me thinking we had an unusually belligerent group of drunks roaming around at that hour, especially for a weeknight. And my eyesight's bad enough that when I finally got up, looked out and saw an orange SWAT van, I couldn't read what it said and assumed it was repairmen who actually came to work at seven....


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