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Friday, February 21, 2003

Fire in Rhode Island Nightclub

You can read the story and updates at the local newspaper, The Providence Journal (registration required) or WLNE, Rhode Island (many stories, including phone numbers to call for information about missing loved ones). This is such a terrible thing. My condolences to the families who lost loved ones, and my best wishes for the recovery of those with burns or smoke inhalation. My prayers are with everyone involved today.

I was never a fan of Great White, but...I could have been. Those people going to see an old eighties band were my age, and their grieving parents are my parents' age. *sigh* But I still can't believe people were stupid enough to run a nightclub so far out of code (it burned up in two minutes? I can't get campfires to burn that fast!) or to run fireworks on stage with only yea-much room between them and the ceiling. The guitarist for the band is still missing. What a terrible way to pay for your mistakes...but fire is unforgiving.

I found this prayer on, and it seems appropriate. It's by St. Augustine.

Watch, O Lord, with those who wake, or watch, or weep tonight, and give Your angels and saints charge over those who sleep.

Tend Your sick ones, O Lord Christ.

Rest Your weary ones.

Bless Your dying ones.

Soothe Your suffering ones.

Pity Your afflicted ones.

Shield Your joyous ones, and all for Your love's sake. Amen.


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