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Monday, February 17, 2003

Because It's WRONG!

Glenn Reynolds said this story made him ashamed to be from Tennessee. Heck, this story makes me feel ashamed to be human. And these people dare call themselves Christians?

It's not often that I hope somebody will make a lot of money off a lawsuit. This is an exception.

India Tracy came to expect being sent to the principal's office even
though she was a well-behaved, straight-A student.

But the Union County youngster knew she'd probably be the only
student with "no" written on the permission slip to attend a tent revival
during school hours. When she declined to portray Mary in a
Christmas play, she also was sent to the principal's office.

India and her parents, Greg and Sarajane Tracy, allege other students
taunted her, beat her and ridiculed her religion for years. Fed up with
the treatment, her parents filed a federal lawsuit on her behalf

"And whatever you do to the least of my brothers...."


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