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Saturday, February 04, 2006

Moving Day!

I'm tired of Google's complicity with China, and Google owns Blogspot these days. So I'm moving this blog over to Wordpress. They're the same people that own Livejournal, but it's a format and not the annoyance of LJ. They also made it extremely easy to import not only my posts here, but even the comments.

So come over and visit me at

As for the rest... I'll be leaving the old blog posts here, for the convenience of those who've linked to them and to prevent spammers from taking over my old blog's URL. I'll also be moving my public domain audiobook podcast blog, as sloon as I can figure out how to fix it so that people don't have to change their feeds.

Yes, I'm aware that I need to change my email address and find a new search engine if I wish to avoid doing business with Maogle. But this is what I can do now.


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