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Saturday, January 28, 2006

Get Ed Gets Good

Over on ABC Family Channel, there's a pretty decent slate of Saturday and Sunday morning cartoons for the young 'uns. Of course, I watch 'em too. (Not much of the Sunday ones, though! As we all know, I'm up the hill half of Sunday!) Anyway, other than The Tick, Kong, and the inimitable Super Robot Monkey Team Hyper Force, my favorite show there is Get Ed. It's a decent enough action show, and it's had a story arc from the beginning. (Also, it has a sock puppet as a character.) But I wasn't all that excited about it. I mean, every week the Dojo Delivery team tried to keep the Big Bad Guy from stealing their courier packages, or tried to steal Big Bad Guy packages from other courier companies. So Ed was an alien-built cyber-warrior with flashes of foreknowledge who was reassembled from parts by his boss. We've all seen that before, haven't we? :)

But as Ed's found a missing part of himself and the Dojo Delivery team have made friends out of hostile robots, the show has grown ever more endearing and interesting. Until this week, when the team rescued Ed from the Big Bad Guy, and Ed revealed that he'd had a vision of where he was supposed to go.

Unexpectedly, we met up with a good guy from the future -- who looks like a future version of the Big Bad Guy! Erh?! He helps Ed and the others escape, using nanobots to turn a junkyard into a giant robot. Erh?! And then, in a surprising change from the usual plotlines about a Chosen One, Ed has all his friends join him in the Secret Ancient Alien Machine so that they all get a briefing and a power-up symbol.

Including Old School, their geezer hacker skateboarder boss.

Dude! That just isn't done! The adult never gets to play! Especially not the father!

So yeah, I'm interested.


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