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Friday, June 17, 2005

PETA: People Executing Trusting Animals

You know, I wasn't certain I believed the folks over on PETA ran shelters that were not only not no-kill, but more like "kill immediately"? Oh, surely even a cretinous semi-terrorist organization like PETA wasn't that bad.

I was right.

PETA is worse.

Yes, they come to pick up people's dogs and cats, promise to find them a home, and then give Puppy and Kitty a lethal injection out in the van. Finally, they can't even bring themselves to dispose of the bodies with respect or even basic attention to public health. No, instead they just throw the corpses in a dumpster at a shopping center behind the Piggly Wiggly grocery store.

This news roundup includes the disturbing fact that in areas near the other PETA shelters, hundreds of trash bags of dead dogs and cats have been found dumped on a riverbank.

PETA's president described one of the employees charged as being "Mother Teresa for animals". (I don't remember Mother Teresa using a lot of poison, myself.) She also said that their actions weren't animal cruelty, as there was no evidence of the animals having suffered. (Well, other than being dead.) She further claimed that everybody at the local pounds was fully aware that the animals were being taken for euthanization. (Though they all said they'd had no clue, and were angry to see adoptable animals among the dead when they went to identify them.)

PETA has always been a dangerous group full of sick people who hate humans and claim to love animals, but consistently support an ideology of hate over actual animal welfare. I hope this story and the upcoming investigation into PETA practices will show American animal-lovers just how twistedly evil that PETA really is.

PETA: Psychopathic Evil Towards Animals.

Tuesday, June 14, 2005

Great Moments in Catholic Education

I don't know much about this webcomic, but Young Ladies of Quality certainly does a good job of showing daily life at a Catholic school.

Pre-lunch Mass.


"Yes. Yes, it was."

Just one comment, Ms. Vinson.

In MY day, young lady, we didn't HAVE microwaves! We just had CRISPY LITTLE SANDWICHES that they cooked underneath a HEAT LAMP! And if you wanted them to be palatable, you had to COAT THEM IN CATSUP! Even if they were GRILLED CHEESE!

And we LIKED it!