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Tuesday, November 01, 2005

Whited Sepulchres R Us

Apparently, Loretto High School in California believes in teaching its students the good old fashioned values of "sit down, shut up, and pay to be oppressed". Why, it's a good thing to have a Catholic teacher at a Catholic high school support abortion on the side, and escort children to their entirely legal executions. It's a bad thing to blow the whistle. And if your mother blew the whistle and the local paper revealed your name and lack of shame at your mother's horrid behavior, you must of course be expelled over the weekend. By Fed Ex, yet.

If this place were a real Catholic school, and a real preparatory academy, this is what our young lady would have received:

This rose is awarded in Mary Ward’s name to a young woman whose Christian commitment is expressed by her positive influence on others, which leads them to a deeper understanding and expression of their own faith. This outstanding student is active in countless service activities and defines leadership in every sense of the word.

Never mind, Katelyn. I'm sure Mary Ward herself will send you a rose, even if she has to go through the St. Therese version of Fed Ex to do it. :)

The Holy House had an open door.
When Mary came there, pregnant, poor,
Joseph did not turn her away.
He let her in. He told her, "Stay."

When Mary walked with a pregnant girl,
She told her hope was in the world,
To keep the child who waits within.
Hers saved the world, and her, from sin.

The Holy House held a Boy who spoke
To the Temple elders, to all the folk.
He had to teach them, so He spoke out.
It's His Father's business he was about.

The Holy House held a family of three
That never would sit and let evil be.

It's a great disgrace to the Bridegroom's Spouse
To expel such folk from the Holy House.

(I suggest that the student and her family would be far more comfortable over in this parish, St. Luke's of Brookfield, WI, which has traded a big money fundraiser for the assurance that they're not inadvertently supporting a very distasteful group called Girls Inc. The pastor's quote: "It's a bargain we'll just have to pass up. The cost is too high. Our integrity isn't for sale.")


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