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Wednesday, September 21, 2005

New Audiobook Blog

I've started a new blog called Maria Lectrix Audiobook Club, inspired by the Public Domain Podcast and other audiobook and short story podcasts. This will give me a way to point out to all of you the audiobooks I'd like to make and stick up on's Spoken Word section of Open Source Audio. If I can do stuff weekly, then it becomes more like a real continuing project.

Also, nobody but CCEL seems to be doing Catholic religious books (except Verbum Domini doing the Bible readings!), which is a shame. Remember that it's only in the last few centuries that reading became more of a visual than an audio experience.

(I'd do a podcast, but I fail to understand what makes it different from an audiolink blog. Also, I have no iPod or iTunes, so obviously iAin't doing a podcast per se. I've got an RSS feed. That ought to be enough.)

If anybody else would like to read public domain stuff for Maria Lectrix, let me know and I'll link to it. is open to everybody, after all!


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