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Wednesday, August 17, 2005

Nochnoi Dozor Soundtrack: "Who's Guilty"

Another song that's in the book but not on the soundtrack.

Kto Vinovat (Who's Guilty)
Lyrics and Music: A. Romanov
Group: Voskresenie
Album: Kto Vinovat, 1979
Translation: Maureen O'Brien, 2005

Whose fault is it, that you got tired
And didn't find what you looked for?
Everything's lost that you searched for;
You climbed to the sky -- and you fell...
And who's to blame, that day by day
Your life goes off another way
And your home becomes more alone,
And behind your panes, noone's home...

And the light shades, and the noises fade,
And your hands feel for new pain,
And if your pain subsides today,
It means new bad luck's on the way....

Whose fault is it? You tell me, bro.
One's filthy rich, another's wed,
One is in love, another jokes,
One is a fool, and one's your foe.
And who's to blame, that here and there
They lay in wait, and that they live;
But day's a bore, and night's a void,
Both hot oppressive places...


Whose fault is it -- and the secret's that
There is no grief and no gladness,
There's no victories without defeats,
And good and bad luck count the same.
And who's to blame that you're alone,
And life's alone, and it's so long
And such a bore, all you wait for
Is that sometime you're bound to die...



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