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Wednesday, August 17, 2005

Nochnoi Dozor Soundtrack: "The Choice"

Yuliy Burkin's a frequent Lukyanenko co-writer, and a few related songs appear on Lukyanenko's website. Actually, so does Burkin himself -- in a guest appearance as a character in the sequel to Lukyanenko's cyberspace masterpiece, Labyrinth of Mirrors You can download many of Burkin's songs from his own webpage, too.

Vihbor (The Choice)
Lyrics and Music: Yuliy Burkin
Album: Nochnoi Dozor, 2004
Translation: Maureen S. O'Brien, 8/17/05

Between the Light and Dark
Your path and mine is marked;
And there's nobody with us,
No advice and no order....

But you have to know
You have to make your own choice.

From time immemorial
We've been in a Patrol.
Who's in Night, who's in Day,
Each ought to have -- their own....


He fell, his pain not hiding,
Into the void of unbeing --
He who'd looked for truth here
Gazing into false mirrors.


What's good? What's bad? To discern
We don't have the luck to learn.
But in play, in mirages gone through
Life is reset anew...


Between the Light and the Dark
Your path and mine is marked.
Between the Light and the Dark
Our path on Earth is marked....


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