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Wednesday, August 17, 2005

Nochnoi Dozor Soundtrack: "Be My Shadow"

Bud' Moey Ten'yu (Be My Shadow)
Group: Splin
Album: Nochnoi Dozor, 2004

On this night a fern will dissolve with wondrous hues,
On this night the domovois will come back home...
Clouds from the North, wind from the West,
That means soon a witch will wave to me...

I live expecting marvels, like a Mauser in the holster,
Like a spider in a spiderweb,
Like a tree in the desert,
Like a black fox in its hole....
It's cold in the room for me, the door they won't open,
Keys at the shrine, and the shrine at the mountain.

I ran through telescopes from children's frightened eyes
I wanted to sleep with a mermaid, but didn't know how to be with her,
I wanted to get off the tramcar and come in through your window
Wind blows from the borders, still with us all the same
Wind blows from the borders, but it's with us all the same

Be my shadow, squeaking step,
painted Sunday, sunshine rain.
Be my god, my birch beer,
electric current, curve of arms.
I was witness that you're the wind,
you blow into my face and I laugh.
I don't want to part from you without a fight,
so far I dream of you.
Be my shadow....

It's good to dance on coals with those
With whom it's like pine tree sap;
It's good to pour milk for young bodies;
It's good to get off the tramcar and come in your window.

Be my shadow.
Be my shadow.
Be my shadow.
Be my shadow.
Be mine.


  • At 1:46 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    Correction for "Be My Shadow":

    You wrote: "Keys at the shrine, and the shrine at the mountain."
    Original: "Klyuchi u raka, a rak na gore"
    Should be something like: "Crayfish has the keys, and the crayfish is atop the mountain".
    (Actually it's a play on the saying "When the crayfish whistles atop the mountain" = never :) )

    You wrote: "get off the tramcar"
    Original: "obernut'sya tramvayem"
    Should be something like: "turn into/transform to/become a tramcar"

    You wrote: "how to be with her"
    Original: "kak byt' s ney"
    Should be something like: "what to do with her"

    You wrote: "curve of arms"
    Original: "krivym ruzhyom"
    Should be something like: "gun with a bent muzzle"

    The Russian text of the song can be found on many websites, e.g. (this one seems correct)

  • At 10:18 PM, Blogger Banshee said…

    Thanks! I'll make the correction... um... Real Soon Now. *procrastination*

    Sigh. If only I'd paid more attention in Russian class....


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