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Monday, August 30, 2004

RNC Notes

*rueful look* God love 'em, but those convention organizers have surely put in a heapin' helpin' of cheese. Ironically, there's a lot of interest once you get past the stupid bits...but geez, those stupid bits!

They should also feel free to get rid of those "hosts". At any time. Now.

OTOH, I really liked the firemen and that county chairman from somewhere in the Appalachian bits of Ohio. He got "chillbumps" on his spine...what a great way to say it!

Now THAT'S a Patron Saint!

From National Review's Corner, where Michael Novak informed us:

Just past 39th St. I remembered that Mother Cabrini, the first New Yorker declared a saint, is the patron saint of parking places and taxicabs. Swift prayer for help.

Taxi swings around 39th corner, out of nowhere, stops and takes us in.

That might even beat St. Anthony. But do follow the link to learn less folkloric facts about Mother Cabrini.

Get Well Soon, Pippa!

It seems that Simon and Talis' daughter, Pippa, is in sick and in the hospital. Your prayers and thoughts would be appreciated!

I remember being in the hospital when I was a kid. The experience was much softened by getting to pick out a toy from the Ruth Lyons Children's Fund, as all kids in the hospital around here did and do. (I got a yellow dog/bear.) You forget about that sort of thing until this sort of thing happens, so I am mentioning it here now.

I wish Pippa lived in the Tri-State, so she could get a toy from Ruth Lyons, too!