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Monday, July 26, 2004

Stargate Atlantis: Scottish Clan Show!

I realized last night that this is the first show I've watched on which most of the main characters can claim a tartan. There's Dr. McKay (of course), Weir, and Sheppard (Shepherd). Ironically, the guy with the Scottish accent is named Dr. Beckett, so I guess we'll have to hope he lets us know his mother's maiden name sometime. Just to increase the Celtic atmosphere, the black guy is named Aiden Ford. Fits right in with Jack O'Neill. Yup, there's Celts everywhere!

Other main characters that can claim tartans:

The Cunninghams, Happy Days

Constable Benton Fraser , Due South; also Dr. Janet Fraiser, Stargate SG-1

Commissioner and Barbara Gordon, Batman

Peter Gunn

Captain James T. Kirk, Star Trek. (Another Scots-heavy show.)

Lt. Col. Mackenzie, JAG. (She can also wear US Marines and Leathernecks.)

Dr. McCoy, Star Trek, is part of the MacKay clan, too!

Both MacLeods of the Clan MacLeod from Highlander (Of course.)

Angus McGyver

Stewart McMillan, McMillan and Wife

Lt. Commander Scott, Star Trek

Commander Sinclair, Babylon 5

Constable Turnbull, Due South

Dr. Watson


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