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Saturday, July 17, 2004

A Dream

This is one of the few occasions when I've been able to remember a dream, so I think I ought to write it down.

First, I was at a convention of some kind. There was a problem, though.
There had been some kind of offsite meeting from my business there just
beforehand, and people had left cardboarded piles of billing in stacks
on tables out in the hall. I disapproved of this as a security problem
and general sloppiness.

Then for some reason I was walking out in the surrounding area, which
turned out to be Greenville. I went to the library and borrowed some
neat books. Then I stumbled, saved myself, but dropped one of the books
right in front of a storm sewer opening. I was trying to hand my stuff
to another passersby so I could safely kneel down and pick up the book,
but he accidentally kicked the book down into the storm sewer. I laid
down to try and feel around in there for the book, and saw that there
was a large space behind the storm sewer opening where someone had made
a kind of shelf above the usual water level. After I recovered the book
from the level below these shelves (fortunately perfectly dry), I took
a better look at the hidden shelf. It held paperbacks, videotapes, and
even a poster -- probably some kid's secret cache. I wasn't too happy
about someone putting all this where it could get wet; but I figured it
wasn't my stuff, it apparently hadn't gotten wet so far, and I should
leave it alone.

I went back to the hotel and met up with my parents, who took me out to
eat. It was a very nice restaurant, and turned out to be presenting an
Italian opera as dinner theater. (Modern dress, actors seated among the
patrons. It worked brilliantly, I thought.) I knew
perfectly well which opera it was, but I couldn't think of the name or
the composer though I was sure I'd seen it before. Somebody told
me it's English name was The Magic Fox, but I knew
that was wrong. (Not that a kitsune opera is a bad idea, but it wasn't
at all about magic foxes. More a
love/deception/betrayal/misunderstanding sort of thing.) I tried to
think of the heroine's name and said it was "Farfalla", but I knew that
was wrong, too. (And before you ask, no, the opera was not
Madame Butterfly.) I was pretty sure I'd think of
it, but after only a short while, my parents decided to leave. I stayed
on, but then I had to leave for some reason.

More stuff happened after that, but I don't remember much about it. For
some reason, right before I woke up I decided that "Execution counts"
would be a good Mad Emperor Yuri Vorbarra button/.sig, and that the
alternate slogan could be "After the defenestration, it's the death
squads that count". But that was my dream.


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