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Monday, July 19, 2004

If I Wrote Pro-Life PSAs....


...they'd go like this.


(Video: that new footage of very young babies in the womb. Voiceover: a perky girl voice.)

Hi, Mommy! Look at me! I'm only 12 weeks old, and I can already suck my thumb! Isn't that cool? And just think, Mommy, we have months yet to spend together even before I get to come out and see you! I love it! Just you and me against the world!

(Insert local number/s for life center/s)

I know I'm a lot of bother...but if you're having trouble, there are folks who can help you both before and after I'm born -- doctors, clothes, housing,  finding a job, even adoption. You've got lots of choices!

Including that other choice.
I don't have any way to stop you.
But if I get any say in this, I'd like to live.

Then I can hug you, Mommy!

I love you....


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