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Tuesday, July 27, 2004

Change of Residence

My Auntie Bun passed away this morning and went to join her husband. She's my great aunt, and she had a good long life; but I wish she could have stayed with us a little longer.

She was my Grandma O'Brien's twin. They got along the way sisters do -- with a bit of wrangling. When she moved out of her house a few years ago, I remember the bit of controversy caused when Grandma found out that Auntie Bun had had certain of their mother's things all those years.... But both of them teamed up against their older sister, a domineering woman who's been pretty lonely since her kids moved away and her own health's turned frail. Maybe Auntie Bun's death will bring the surviving sisters closer together. I hope so.

She had a good life. She and her husband lived in Celina, in a lovely house about a block away from the shores of Grand Lake St. Mary's. They had a "woody" boat that looked a lot like the ones that chased Indiana Jones in Venice. Auntie Bun had many friends and participated in a lot of community activities.

She also painted some pretty nice pictures in her time...but in her final years, her hands shook and she went almost blind. She was in pain much of the time, because she was so determined not to depend on drugs. Eventually this was discovered and her prescription changed to a dose that allowed her more useful hours in the day, but her strength had already been sapped.

Now her fight is over. Grant her eternal rest, O Lord, and may perpetual light shine upon her. May she share the blessed vision of Your infinite beauty, and create reflections of it to Your glory. Amen.


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