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Monday, July 26, 2004

Adventures in Translation: "Edi Beo Thu, Hevene Quene"

Once again, I present another singable translation, with a few compromises to make it so. Once again, I include a whole bunch of syllabobble dashes to show you how the line scans. This is a song from the days when England was the land of Our Lady of Walsingham, translated into modern English. (Here's the original and an exact translation, along with other Middle English poems about Mary.)

If you don't have this song on Anonymous 4's album An English Ladymass or another medieval album, this page has pretty good MIDI files of the song. A little Googling will also bring you a piece of sheet music or two. You can hear the first verse at Schola Cantorum Daytoniensis. Enjoy!

Edi Beo Thu, Hevene Quene
Lyrics and Music: English Trad.
Translation: Maureen S. O'Brien

Blessed a-are you, heavenly Queen, oh,
Humans' heartsease and a-angels' bliss.
Mother unblemished and maiden clean, oh,
As in this wo-orld no o-other is.
Of you it is easily seen, oh,
Among all women you are the most blest.
O my sweet La-a-dy, hear my plea, oh;
Take pity on me as pleases you best.

You rose up like rays of dawn do, oh,
That separate da-a-ay from the dark night.
From you sprung up a glimmer new, oh,
That a-all this wo-orld has fi-illed with light.
There is no maiden of su-uch a hue, oh:
So fair, so lovely, so rosy, so bright.
O my sweet Lady, have mercy true, oh,
Take pity on me, your po-o-oor knight.

Blossom sprung up from a root, oh,
Who-om the Ho-oly Spirit rests on,
That was for all mankind's good, oh,
And for their so-ouls to be saved on.
Lady softhearted, you've understood, oh.
I cry for mercy, I a-am your man.
And I'll se-erve you hand and foot, oh,
In ev'ry wa-ay that ever I can.

You-ou are grou-ou-ound for the good seed, oh.
O-on you lighted the heavenly dew.
From you ble-essed fruit sprung free, oh,
The Holy Spirit here sowed it in you.
You bring us ou-out of worry-y and dread, oh,
That for us E-eve had bitterly brewed.
Into Heaven, us you will lead, oh;
So very sweet is each drop of that dew.

Mother full of gracious virtue,
Ma-aiden pa-atient a-and well-taught,
All of me-e is drawn on to you.
I-in your lo-ove's bonds I-I am caught.
Shield me, plea-ea-ease, fro-om the fiend, oh.
You're noble, able, and willingly've fought.
Help me ti-ill my li-ife's end, oh,
And make me make peace with your Son as I ought.


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