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Sunday, December 08, 2002

Don't Buy Anti-Semitic!

This story on the new European anti-semitism reveals that five European countries have banned all kosher food production. One, Switzerland, is considering banning kosher food imports. In related news, Sweden is considering banning ritual circumcision.

I am sickened. This is exactly the kind of stuff that makes me thank God my ancestors came to the US. Also, I knew animal rights activists were pretty unscrupulous, but I didn't know they'd sink so low as to let themselves be a front for a bunch of little Hitlers.

Well, the heck with this. In the name of that Jewish guy I happen to worship, I'm boycotting all five countries involved. From now on, I will not be visiting or buying stuff from Holland, Switzerland, Norway, Sweden, or Denmark.

This is inconvenient for me, since I love tins of butter cookies from Scandinavian countries. But I'm willing to fast so my brothers and sisters can eat. Institute a little more freedom of religion, o Hanseatic Injustice League, and I'll see about giving you a little more freedom of my wallet.

Never Again

Here's one of my fellow fans who would no doubt have done a lot for the world. Instead, he died in Theresienstadt. But Israeli astronaut Ilan Ramon flew his "Moon Landscape" into orbit. So rest well, Petr Ginz.


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