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Saturday, March 27, 2004

An Annunciation Hymn

Yet another song nobody but me will ever sing. Just to make things really special, I've once again written it to an Irish tune version which doesn't seem to exist on the Web. Heigh-ho.

Ttto: "The Blackbird" (Irish version)

Oh, she was the white doe without a spot on her
And she was the lily in Eden might grow
But like any young girl she lived with her relations,
Till God told an angel, "To Mary now go."

Said the angel, "Hail, Mary. You are highly favored,
And you'll bear the messiah foretold in God's plan."
"Oh, how can this be?" she asked, although frightened.
"For I am a virgin and do not know man."

"The Spirit of God will throw o'er you His shadow.
And if you should doubt that such marvels you'll see,
Your cousin thought barren is with child now, Mary,
For with God there is nothing that can't come to be."

Then brave Mary told him, "I am the Lord's servant.
Let it be done to me just as He may will."
Then the angel departed, and God came to Mary;
The Word became flesh while her yes echoed still.

Oh, she is the white doe without a spot on her
And she is the lily in Eden might grow,
And she says, "Have no fear of the serpent and dragon;
Only listen to my son wherever you go."


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