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Friday, January 06, 2006

Just a Quick Check-In....

Greetings from the Southern Command of the House Ui Bhriain! All is well here, although there are heavy emotional downpours in our future. (Grandma sorta kinda didn't mention the bit where she'd totalled her car. Back in October. And the insurance company refused to pay for it. And she consulted her buddies, her boyfriend, and an attorney, but didn't tell any of her kids or other relatives....) But at least everything is going well on the health front, and that's what really matters.

I got very interested in Sudoku right before the trip. But now I know how to do them, so the fascination has passed. After all, there's not much fun in putting numbers in order, over and over again. I think I will try next to conquer cryptic crosswords -- but I hold out no great hopes. Those things are pure evil and extremely specialized, and no amount of punning knowledge is of any aid to you.

That's about it from me. See you all in another week and a half or so.


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