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Sunday, January 22, 2006

The Audiobook Problem

So why is my iPod still bookless two weeks post Christmas?

I won't pay the price that's being asked. I won't pay hardcover prices for a digital file. I won't even pay trade paperback prices. I believe that a digital book should cost about the same as a paperback.


I know my Maria Lectrix podcast is more than a little quirky, but I really need something in the way of an audiobook to listen to at work. (Radio's just not enough.) I need to feel like I'm doing some kind of uploading to pay for all that downloading from Librivox and other audiobook podcasts. And I can't go to the library every five minutes to feed the need. So there you go.

Just to prove that this blog puts its time where its mouth is, the folks behind it have put up a serialized podcast of, a mystery novel set waaaaaay back in the days of the dotcom bubble. (That was about twenty years ago in Internet time.)


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