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Thursday, September 01, 2005

Katrina Charity Blogburst

On to the main event. Instapundit proposed a charity blogburst today, so I'll do it too. I've been supporting Catholic Charities.

In times of disaster, the U.S. Catholic community is there to help...recovery work is provided by local Catholic Charities agencies in the impacted communities.

Here's a page on previous 2004 hurricane relief:

Immediately following a hurricane, local Catholic Charities agencies’ emergency assistance ranged from distributing food, water, personal care items, and lodging vouchers to providing medical assistance and mental health counseling to helping the community's clean up efforts and assisting people in completing FEMA applications.

Today, the agencies’ long-term recovery efforts are focusing on providing temporary and permanent housing, mental health counseling, budget and financial counseling, job placement and counseling, outreach to migrant farm workers, and other assistance.

"This is going to be a long, sustained recovery process..."We need to get people back into their homes, back to work, and feeling secure and safe again."

In other news, Amazon finally decided this disaster is big enough to warrant a Red Cross link. I'm glad. Faster would have been nicer, but I'm glad.

You can find links to many other worthwhile charities at Instapundit.


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