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Thursday, September 15, 2005

The Hacker's Diet

I'm trying to lose weight with the help of the famous Hacker's Diet. I'm not sure how well the calorie-counting is working, but that's mostly because I have been having trouble remembering to eat more than a thousand calories a day, so I have to get used to not starving myself inadvertently.

I have also discovered the amazing power of pickles, as they are delicious, filling, nutritious, and only about five calories each. I suspect am going to have to invest in Vlasic to deal with my nightly snack needs. (I only want to snack at night when I'm not inadvertently starving myself...figures.)

The exercise portion is going much better. The secret seems to be doing the situps while I'm still in bed, because that's the part I least want to get out of bed and do. (And I have that nice soft memory foam to do them on.) Then I get up and turn on the computer to one of the anime stations on, and voila! Energy!


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