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Monday, September 05, 2005


I don't want anyone to think I'm all friv and no give here. I have not only made my donation to Catholic Charities; I also intend to give to the Knights of Columbus because they're going to match any Katrina donations made through them. (And because one of my brothers is in it.) I got the good folks at Steve Jackson Games to send a little Dino Hunt out to a shelter needing games (though I'm sure the company was already sending out donations like everybody else); and I did my best to shake people down (among other things) when I cantored Mass on Saturday.

But if I can't actually be doing something for Katrina at any particular moment, then I have to be doing something else. There's no particular moral virtue in letting the Katrina coverage take over my life, which is what it's been doing for the past week. There's not even any particular moral virtue in fretting over my aunt and uncle, if I'm not actually praying or doing anything else to help.

I'm sure this is true for other people as well. So I'm giving them something else to think about, and me, too.


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    I watched the coverage all week on TV, just shocked. By Thursay I just wanted to focus on fun stuff like D&D and fanfic--so on Friday I posted a cheery post on my blog. After I caught up with your entries, I immediately felt ashamed that I hadn't delt with it. I have a more sober post up today. It looks really odd with the fangirl stuff right below it, but I feel better now. You don't have to explain to anybody is what I'm trying to say--you have your priorities straight!



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