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Wednesday, June 08, 2005


I know I've been lying down on the blog lately. Sorry.

Anyway, gleaned from the wonderful dictionary at Animelab, here's a list of Japanese words for blue and green. I have to put them together, because the common word 'aoi' means the whole range of color from blue to green. Also (as you can see), 'iro' means 'color'.

ao/aoi: blue or green. Also, unripe.
mizuiro: aqua ('water-colored')
kon: navy blue
aiiro: indigo ('indigo-colored')
tetsuiro: iron-colored (reddish black or iron-gray blue)
sorairo: sky-blue ('sky-colored')
taisei: blackish blue
nandoiro: grayish blue
haiseishoku: grayish blue
hanairo: iris blue/light blue
haganeiro: steel blue
noukon: dark blue
nouseishoku: dark blue
hatobairo: blue-black
masao/massao/makoto ao: deep blue ('sincere/pure blue'), ghastly pale
asaji: light blue
ruriiro: azure/lapis lazuli blue
midori: green (literally 'melon')
aotake: malachite green (literally, 'green bamboo')
asamidori/usumidori: light green
anmidori/anryoku: dark green
uguisuiro: brownish green (literally, 'Japanese nightingale-colored')
ouryoku: pea-green, yellowish-green
kairyokushoku: greenish gray
kimidori: yellowish green
kusairo: dark green
kuromidori: blackish green
shinryoku: deep green, dark green
suishoku: emerald green
senryoku: light green
tanryokushoku: light green
hisuiiro: jade green
fukamidori: deep green
moegiiro: light green/yellowish green ('sprout-colored')
ryoukuoushoku: greenish yellow
rikyuuiro: blackish green
rikyuunezumi: grayish dark green
ryokuhakushoku: greenish white
wakakusairo: bright green, chartreuse ('young grass-colored')
wakamidori: young pine-green


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