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Thursday, January 13, 2005

Russian Military SF

See Russian writers imitate Baen.

See Russian artists imitate Baen.

See Russian publishers making Baen's covers look better than Baen does.

(Yes, I like Baen, but their cover design are el-stinko.'s a funny place to find Honor Harrington!)

Roman Zlotnikov seems to write a tad bit of military sf/f, and he's won some awards so he must be decent to read. Here's some of what he's written:

Assembly (Sobor): In the primeval forest live ancient mages. They've kept Perun's magic up to today. Now soldier and mage go into a deadly fight with evil.

The Eternal: Swords Over Stars (Vechniy: Shlagi nad Zvezdami): Humanity is losing planet after planet to the forces of the Dark. Only the Eternal, who unite all humanity, can give humans a hope of victory. Other books in the series: Risen from the Ashes, ...And Manyfaced He Came aka Trap for the Ruby Prince, Last Raid.

Soldier: Doomed to Fight (Voin: Obrecheniy na boy): KGB agent Kasimir Puskevich dies and finds himself in a parallel world. Now he fights for good, and they call him Gron. Other novels are: Deadly Blow and Last Battle.

Imperiya: Vivat Imperator!: There are immortals among us; they blend in and often help. When the aliens show up and we have to look unified to impress them, the immortals decide Russia must become a "monarchy" again -- and then a global empire. Other books in the series: Imperiya: Armageddon.

Mutiny on the Edge of the Galaxy: Humanity is attacked and the Earth conquered by aliens. Some keep some technology. Others, scrabbling for life deep beneath the surface, become the tribes called berserkers. Others in the series: Soldiers on the Edge of the Galaxy.


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