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Tuesday, January 04, 2005

Christians Cause Natural Disasters

More than 1500 years after this idea was polished off by The City of God, certain theologically ungifted Muslims flirt with the idea that Christian holidays cause natural disasters. Just 'cause we've got a lot of holidays in spring and December, apparently.

However, a short bebop over to an online perpetual calendar with Muslim holidays listed reveals that the forum folks are missing quite a few natural disasters on and around their own holidays.

Feb. 29, 1960
Leap year hits and so does a massive earth tremblor in Agadir, Morocco. What lives the quake doesn't claim, the resulting damage does. A tidal wave and fires combine to take 12,000 victims.

Note: Ramadan began on Feb 28 in 1960.

May 31, 1970 (sic)
Far away from China, another tremblor leaves 50,000 dead, after the earth moves in Peru.

Note: The Prophet's birthday was celebrated May 18. And the temblor was May 21, actually.

November 1970
It's considered by many to be the greatest natural disaster in modern history. A cyclone that roared through Bangladesh and coastal India caused a storm surge, and is believed to have taken an unimaginable 300,000-500,000 people, the greatest single toll from one storm in the 20th Century.

Note: Nov. 12, 1970. Lailat ul Qadr was celebrated on Nov. 25.

September-December 1983
The tsunami tragedy must have left many in Thailand feeling a tragic sense of deja vu. More than 10,000 people were killed in a series of monsoons that struck the nation in just four months.

Note: Eid al Adha was celebrated Sep 18, and Muharram on Oct 8.

June 21, 1990
An earthquake hits northwest Iran, and rumbles the Richter scale at 7.7 By the time it's over, 50,000 lie dead and 60,000 more are injured. At least 400,000 are homeless.

Note: Eid al Adha was celebrated on July 4.

April 1991
At least 138,000 succumbed when a cyclone smashed ashore in the Chittagong region of Bangladesh. A country already suffering from such terrible poverty could hardly afford the cost of this disaster. It's estimated the damage was around $1.5 billion.

Note: Apr 29. Lailat ul Qadr celebrated Apr. 11, and Eid al Fitr on Apr. 16.

December 1999
Venezuela, warmed by the phenomenon of La Nina, experienced ten days of non-stop rains and deadly flash floods, leading to mudslides, drownings, and severe sickness, as more than 10,000 die. Almost 150,000 are homeless.

Note: Ramadan began Dec. 9.

Some disasters not mentioned on the forum:

November 13, 1985:
A small eruption of the Nevado del Ruiz volcano in Colombia on November 13, 1985 leads to a massive mudflow that covers the city of Armero and kills more than 23,000 people.
Note: Prophet's Birthday celebrated Nov. 25.

June 15, 1896:
About 27,000 people drown following an earthquake-induced tsunami off the coast of Japan.
Note: Muharram celebrated June 12.

August 26, 1883:
Krakatoa, a small volcano on an uninhabited island between Sumatra and Java, explodes. The eruption and a tsunami kill 36,000 people in this Indonesian region.
Note: Eid al Fitr celebrated August 5.

Now, did all that prove anything beyond "there's bad weather in the spring, fall and winter" and "this chick has a lot of time on her hands"? Of course not. It's a silly discussion altogether.


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