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Wednesday, September 22, 2004

Nochnoi Dozor: The Addiction

I finally got my younger brother, one of my cousins, and the cousin's girlfriend to watch my DVD with me. They loved it as much as I did (which is good, because I'd _really_ been bugging them about it). The whole Russian magic thing just blew their minds, they loved the magic truck even more than I did, and the looks on their faces as the twists kept coming and the stakes kept rising were _priceless_.

My younger brother's comment: "Better than The Matrix", "dark", and "really innovative". During the whole movie, he kept alternating between laughing and sucking in his breath. He agreed with me that Richard Tucholka, creator of Bureau 13, should see this movie -- and use it in his own movie pitch. Also, "I'd have no problem with paying full price to see this."

The cousin's comment: "That was really messed up!" "Where did you buy this movie? I want it!" "_I_ want a sword like Zavulon's!" "The next movie? Oh, yeah!" He really liked the videogame foreshadowing. He really liked the whole movie, in fact, and I almost expect to see a Gorsvet logo on his wall when I next see him.

The girlfriend's comment: "Wow. That was good." (She said other stuff, too, but I was tired and she was soft-spoken.)

It's a fun, fun movie to watch with other people. And now, when I mention Olga and Tiger Cub and Anton and Zavulon, not to mention Yegor, they'll know what I'm talking about.


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