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Monday, August 02, 2004

Wisdom from the East

Mohammed from Iraq the Model posts about genocide in the Sudan.

It’s always dictatorship. We all know that it’s the reason behind all evil things on earth but we still deal with it in the same old way...Actually dictatorships are the real WMDs. Every now and then they commit massacres worse that the ones WMDs can cause. Dictatorship is a corrupt fountain of poverty and human sufferings and it’s the mother of terrorism and fundamentalism.

Preach it, brother.

I think democracy is a lot like a watering hole in a dry season. All sorts of creatures drink from the water: predators, animals on the fast track, critters that travel in herds and flocks, the weak and sickly, the young, the scavengers.

You may not love the predators or the scavengers that gather around democracy. But without democracy's water, the young, the weak and the sickly would be the ones that would die first. The fast trackers would do their best to leave everyone else in their dust. The predators would eat everything else, and when they starved, the scavengers would be the last to die. But sooner or later, everyone is weak and sickly.


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