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Friday, July 02, 2004

Holy Mary, Mother of Abortion?!

This is just sick: pro-abortion prayer cards of Our Lady.

In a way, of course, the text on these "prayer cards" is correct. Yes, Mary had to make the difficult choice, again and again, to say "yes" to life for her baby; so she would understand how parents could fall. And Mary prays for all of us sinners, as all Christians should do for each other.

But...and this is a big and understanding of a sinner doesn't translate into forgiveness from God unless the sinner admits she did wrong, and at least intends to make reparations and not to sin again. Passing out pro-abortion prayer cards -- well, it does not sound like these ladies have been able to face their own guilt yet.

Now, time for a little alternate universe speculation in poetry form.

Yes, God had overshadowed her,
And yes, she had agreed.
But when her mother saw the month she didn't bleed,
They told her it was better that her Child should die,
For the sake of her future
(Though that's what he was.)
And they ground her down with 'because, because'.

John leapt to warn Elizabeth,
But not in time to stop the death.

And so he was one of us
For three months or so,
Till she took their pill and she let Him flow
Down to the sewers. They would be His only tomb.
He never broke the bread.
He never had a chance to speak,
Cure the dying, heal, or help the weak.

And noone knew what they did;
But the Earth shook, and the Sun hid.

And when He rose on that third day
And manhole covers rolled away,
And asphalt rocks cried out His Name --
When folk were licked by tongues of flame,
Then spoke in tongues from every land
Strange words that all could understand
Weeks after He rose through the sky --
They didn't have the first clue why.

(It kinda had to be the abortion pill, or else there definitely would have been broken bones involved and hence a broken prophecy. Also, if Mary had fallen, that would have been a really bad thing for the human race -- a second Eve in a bad way. No doubt God could work around such a thing if necessary, but...I don't think it would have been pretty.)


  • At 11:28 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    We just received in the mail a notice about those pro-abortion 'prayer cards'. Talk about boldness. Imagine actually asking Mary - Our Lady of Guadalupe, patroness of the pro-life movement - for her intercession to keep abortion a viable option for women! May God have mercy on us now!
    Hopefully the faithful (all of us) can mount a successful counter-attack against such blasphemy.
    Pray for these misguided souls, and that in their darkness, they do not lead others astray.


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