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Wednesday, June 09, 2004

Poetry by a Soldier's Daughter

No, not poetry by me this time. This is by Miss Brandy Nales, the daughter of a co-worker. Her dad and his unit are going back to Iraq for the second time this year.


by Brandy Nales, 6/8/04

Who was there when I skinned my knee?
Who means the very world to me?
"My Dad"

Who took me when a drill he'd go?
or give me money for the picture show?
"My Dad"

Who was there when I needed love?
Who was sent from God above?
"My Dad"

Who was there to wipe my tears?
Who did I tag along these 13 years?
"My Dad"

Who is going to war to make Osama pay?
But who's loved more than words can say?
"My Dad"


by Brandy Nales, 6/8/04

Now I must go
they're calling me away
but I know
I'll be with my family again someday

I know it's tough
I've been through it all before
Only now, I'm getting taken from four people I love and adore

They assure me they're OK
but they take me as a fool
they would rather have me home
than to do the job I was sent to do.

My bags are packed
and I'm ready to go
I'm going to fight for my country, the U.S. of A.
but I hope and I pray that God may
watch over my family so I'm not afraid
so I can do my duty 100%
and after 2 years
can come home without a dent.

I know it's not going to be easy
After all, I volunteered for this job so many years ago
but I know I'm now strong, ready, and true down
to the core.

I'm not only a hero to the family I adore
but to my country in which I'm fighting for.
Furthermore, I'm a soldier, an American soldier
Fighting for all the things that make us who we are

(In dedication to all of the men and women fighting in all the wars today, including but not limited to:



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