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Thursday, June 10, 2004

Holy Tekakwitha!

You know, I respect the emergency room staff. As a matter of policy, I am stuck on Band-aids (or the Rite-Aid equivalent) 'cause Band-aids stick on me. I've been eating good lately, so I'm not a slow healer these days. And maybe I do need to thank my reflexes for moving a mite quicker than I thought. But all that said....

When I took off my bandages this morning to redo them, there's a reason I said "Holy Tekakwitha!" I'm telling you, my burns are pretty well gone. The blisters on my first and second fingers are only visible if you know where they are. Yesterday's tiny papercut looks more impressive. As for the big blister on my third finger, it's a lot smaller again and continues to look like it's not ever going to break. The lady may not be a great believer in helping people to deal with pain (understandably, since her people believed in being a lot more stoic about these things than I was!) but she is gangbusters on healing.

So thank you, Blessed Kateri Tekakwitha. Your prayers have been a great help to me.


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