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Friday, May 07, 2004

Many Happy Returns

The new season of Doctor Who may begin on British TV as early as this Christmas, according to newspaper stories chronicled on Gallifrey One. The Tenth Doctor's debut allegedly will make him once again face the Autons, alien androids that look like mannequins. They have been known to create memory plastic flowers which strangle hapless humans, among other creepy invasion plans. One shudders to think what they might do with bobbleheads. Meanwhile, Tom Baker will be back on TV in the series Monarch of the Glen, and the evil Michael Grade, who canceled Doctor Who in the first place, has been made the new head of the BBC. (Hopefully, he will cancel a few lying and biased reporters instead.)

In other news, one of the Doctor's favorite London trout streams, the Wandle, is busy recovering. The Wandle also inspired the deathless bad poetry of one Mr. Fawnhope in Georgette Heyer's The Grand Sophy:

I, with my fair Cecilia, to Merton now will go,
Where softly flows the Wandle, and daffodils that blow--


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