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Tuesday, April 20, 2004

Someday's Dreamers Anime Song Translation

Here's my singable translation of the closing song for each episode, "Under the Blue Sky". (The credits only use the first verse and chorus, but there's a music video on Volume 1 that includes the whole song.) I used both the subtitles on the DVD and the translation by Kevin at to figure this puppy out. I'm afraid it's a bit freer translation than I like, but since the Japanese used an awful lot of syllables for concepts that don't take long to say in English....

"Under the Blue Sky"
by The Indigo
Singable translation: Maureen S. O'Brien, 4/19/04

Even now, when I look behind me it's still right there,
The tomorrow I always gave my all to pursue.
Inside my heart's what really matters --
Precious things beyond compare.
I made a wish that was my own prayer
On an drifting cloud unseen beyond the blue.

Under the blue sky,
That day we were together -- dreamed this dream up -- you remember?
Don't ever make us wake,
Oh, please don't ever make it end.
Under the blue sky,
Here's hopin' you and I will keep on goin' while we're glowin',
And may the journey without end...continue.

We can swear to each word fell out of our mouths that day
And they change into power, transforming all they find.
The stubborn stains of an old sorrow that no tears can wash away --
You made them vanish -- presto change-o!
With the magic that they just call being kind.

Under the blue sky,
That day we were together, trading words -- oh, you remember?
While they were coming true,
While watching over me and you.
Under the blue sky,
And now the time that tied up to the future, to tomorrow,
It's set itself to start to move, even now.


* Tomorrow: Originally, "the future".
* "what really matters" and "precious things": Both are meanings of "taisetsu na mono". Also found in the original title of the series, Mahou Tsukai ni Taisetsu na Mono (Things Important to Magic Users).
* "beyond compare": Added.
* "that was my own prayer": added.
* "drifting cloud still unseen beyond the blue": You write a line about a blue, drifting, still-unseen cloud.
* "you remember": Added.
* "keep on goin' while we're glowin'": Originally "go on walking while we're shining".
* "presto change-o": Added.
* power: chikara, not mahou. Mahou is used in the line about the magic called kindness.
* "oh, you remember": Added again.
* "to tomorrow": Added.


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