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Friday, December 05, 2003

Some Explanation of This Blog

Sometimes I feel like my friend the Constant Reader
and Bill Cork are the only folks reading this blog. I really have no way of knowing, of course. It's been my opinion since 1995 that counters are inaccurate by their very nature. (How many people are visiting from the same computer and address? Are they popping in once a day to see whatever's new, or once every six months to read the entire site?) Webstats are more useful, but tedious to look over. I have no wish to pay for them. As for comment boxes...those that work aren't free, and those that are free don't work. Bah.

In general, a successful website is one which either
provides something nobody else does, or provides it better. Either way, frequent updating is important. I've rather ignored the second part of this for most of my website lately. My blog, too, I'm afraid. I'm well aware that if I were serious about readership, I'd write something every
morning or night. But there's a word for that. It's "work". I don't want to get tips or have an Amazon store, either. That's "work", too.

This is not work, or serious, or anything worldshaking. This is my rant page, carefully kept away from my site. I'm not trying to gain influence or convert anybody (so don't get paranoid, Constant Reader). I'm just writing about what interests me. If it interests you enough to inspire a comment, send me an email.


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