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Wednesday, October 15, 2003

Today They Start to Kill Her

Terri Schiavo's feeding tube will be removed today. She will begin to starve to death. She is not in a coma. She is not a vegetable. She will be fully conscious through all the pangs of hunger and starvation.

Her nurses are forbidden to feed her by any other means.

In ancient Ireland, someone could go sit on a man's doorstep and fast against the injustice he'd done. If the man wished to retain his legal status as a free person, he had to fast as well, each proving their determination to be right. I would like to see Terri's judges have to starve right along with her. They could obviously outlast her -- but at least they'd be forced to share some of the pain and suffering they are inflicting on this innocent woman.

On this feast day of St. Teresa de Avila, I feel the same frustration she felt with the evils of the world. Why doesn't Governor Bush step in, or her husband's heart soften, or...or something! We need a miracle -- now, today!

But I'm not sure it's really for Terri's sake that I'm praying her life is saved. Terri Schiavo, from what we've seen of her, seems to have God always with her. Whenever she dies, she will go to Heaven like a bird to its nest. No, I pray that Terri lives because I'm scared of a world where a woman can be murdered with the connivance of the state, just because she has brain damage and a greedy husband.

Please pray for Terri Schiavo. Pray for her persecutors as well, for someday they will face a just judge who cannot be paid off.


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