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Thursday, October 16, 2003

Almost on National Radio....

Thanks to my dentist's compressor breaking, I found myself unexpectedly home in time to listen to Sean Hannity on the radio. (My computer at work puts out a signal which blocks exactly the wrong part of the AM band. D'oh!) He was talking to Terri's dad today, so I called in. Unfortunately, they didn't put me on the air, though I was on hold for an hour and fifteen minutes listening to the show. Oh, well. Since my local station doesn't carry the show past 5 PM, I suppose the extra hour was worth the wait.

Felos the oh-so-sweet lawyer for Terri's scum husband also called in. I have two words: "passive-aggressive". Personally, I wouldn't trust him further than I can throw a stretcher. (And believe me, this is the toned-down version of my feelings.) He claims that the court found Michael Schiavo a "loving husband". All I can say is that I wouldn't do something like this to Adolf Hitler or Joseph Stalin. If this is a husband's love, give me good honest hate every time.

The whole thing stinks like a fish. There are kids a lot worse off than Terri, both mentally and physically, who go to school and lead happy lives. Terri is an adult woman (ie, less developmentally flexible) trapped in a Florida nursing home, who received no rehab other than what her parents could sneak in by hook or crook. And yet, she's still maintained a fairly high level of health and mental functioning! Just imagine what she might be like today if she'd received decent rehab, been allowed mental stimulation and a decent number of visitors, and occasionally gotten to go outside. (Yes, you can wheel a stretcher outside...duh. Heck, I don't see why she couldn't live at home, especially if they got a nurse to help. Oh, but that might be inconvenient for Terri's "loving husband".)

The state of Florida should have stepped in long ago to give Terri the care she deserves -- that any human being deserves. Protecting the weak from the strong is why we have government at all! But instead of helping and saving Terri, the courts order her death. What a mockery they make of justice. What a sham they make of the protection of the law.

Speak up. Go to the Terri Schindler-Schiavo website. And pray for Terri. Pray for a sharp decisive act by Jeb Bush to save Terri. Pray for her judges' and husband's souls. Pray for all of us who live in a world where alert, alive women who can't speak for themselves can be murdered in cold blood.


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