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Monday, March 31, 2003


I think somebody else may have used the same idea and "Protestado" tag somewhere, but this is my version.


Lyrics: Maureen S. O'Brien, 3/31/03

To the tune of "Desperado", Linda Ronstadt or whoever


Why don't you come to your senses,

Admit your defenses of Saddam are wrong?

You want a Hitler?

Look to the guy in mustaches.

You're helping a fascist with your antiwar song.

If you'd been born inside Iraq,

He'd've killed you without blinking.

Be lucky if he'd shredded you headfirst.

Now it seems to me you can't see

Things that don't fit with your thinking.

In Iraq war's bad, but peace there was the worst.


Those folks ain't gettin' no younger.

The fear and the hunger is worse than the grave.

And freedom? Oh, freedom is just a dream they can't wake to.

So for Heaven's sake, you should be glad they'll be saved!


Don't your blood run cold in the LA sun

When you hear 'bout the rapist and the gas and guns?

Not hard to tell the bad guys from the good.

And while you're blaming Bush and Jews,

You're changing all you know is true

For hoods.

(White hoods.)


Why don't you come to your senses,

Get off the defensive and use your head?

Want peace and safety? Want all the world's people's freedom?

You better let somebody free them

(Let somebody free them)

You better let somebody free them

Before we're all dead.


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