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Sunday, December 21, 2003

In Case You're Wondering Why I'm So Energetic Today...

...I finally finished my story for the 'obscure fandoms' Secret Santa fanfic project, While We Tell of Yuletide Treasure. I realized I was going to find it hard to write my story immediately when the project started early in November, since important stuff was due to happen in the fandom I planned to write about. But for some reason, I didn't manage to finish my story till today. I went through several ideas, mind you, but I couldn't get to an actual plot that fit the gift parameters and spirit. I got a particularly good plot idea today, but it wouldn't have made a good present. (Too angsty, too little romance.) So I dropped the (sorta) innovative and went for the (sorta) tried and true. I'm also sorry that its natural length was rather short. But I loved writing it, so I hope my gift will be accepted -- and enjoyed -- in the spirit it was given.

I'm also eager to see my present on Christmas morning, of course. *BigEvilGrin, while crossing fingers for a Daniel/Adele romance* I'll also be interested to see everybody else's stories on January 1. I love obscure fandoms, and while many of these aren't all that obscure, I'll still be interested. A good few of my old favorite writers from X-Files and the like are involved, so l can't wait to catch up with their doings. (Too bad so many folks seem to have been asking for slash, as this means their presents will not be of much interest to me.)

What disturbs me is how very easy I find writing romance. Personal experience does not seem to be a major factor here; the graceful manipulation of literary tropes is. Too much lyric poetry in my youth is undoubtedly to blame.


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