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Thursday, December 15, 2005

You Know You Live in the Future When....

You watch a video hosted on Google from the Dvinsk Clan, a group of teenagers from Daugavpils, Latvia, who play a French urban gymnastics sport called "parkour" that's a sort of course run with acrobatics.

Apparently this is the same thing that was used in the French action flick Banlieue 13, or B-13 for short. (Not to be confused with Bureau 13: Stalking the Night Fantastic.)

Some informed commentary on the Dvinsk Clan's l33t PK skillz. :)

I'm torn. Obviously this is a sport combining skill, daring, and an appreciation for pre-existing structures. It's almost a sort of speed building-hack (another sport I admire but do not emulate). Yet it also seems pretty darned dangerous, to the point of insanity. On the gripping hand, this does seem to be the sort of activity that quickly teaches you a decent respect for gravity and pain, so it's probably safer than the sort of thing stupid kids do who watch MTV's show Jackass.

But not much.


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