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Saturday, December 03, 2005

Shanda Fur Die Goyim

I thought Baraita had stopped blogging. But no! Yay!

In addition to many other good posts, she has just introduced me to a wonderfully useful Yiddish phrase: "shanda fur die goyim" -- which she defines as "Jewish embarrassment at a fellow Jew doing something Really Stupid in front of non-Jews".

I want this phrase. I want it in common use. Think of the applications! For Catholics, shanda fur die separated brethren and shanda fur die schismatics! For Christians, shanda fur die pagans and shanda fur die atheists! For fans, shanda fur die Mundanes! For media fans, shanda fur die actors and shanda fur die other fandoms! For those who don't like anthropomorphics, shanda fur die furries! For conservatives, shanda fur die Left! For liberals, shanda fur die Right! And for evangelical folks embarrassed by Pat Robertson, shanda fur die everyone!

I do wonder whether this has any connection with Shanda die Panda... I mean, Shanda the Panda. :)

(I realize I'm being a bit silly about this, but it is a serious concept and a very serious post. Sadly, I know that I've been an occasion of shanda for a good many of my friends and acquaintances on a good many occasions...and this may be yet another one.)


  • At 8:39 PM, Blogger Fr. Larry Gearhart said…

    How about "shanda fur die ultramontanes" or "shanda fur die luddites" or "shanda fur die jansenists" or "shanda fur die pelagians?"

    My former brother-in-law once said, "It should hurt to be stupid." Of course, he was talking about the cultivated, not the congenital variety.

  • At 6:17 AM, Blogger Banshee said…


    And if someone's an embarrassment before the Swedish Chef, it'd be "shanda fur die fur-di-furd".


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