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Tuesday, November 15, 2005

St. Albert on the Web!

Hey! Two of St. Albert the Great's over seventy works are actually up on the Web! Check out "De quindecim problematibus" (Of Fifteen Problems), written circa 1270, and now available on that wonderful collection of Latin works, Bibliotheca Augustana. And there's also a copy of "De Fato" (Of Fate).

(I gather that "On Cleaving to God" isn't really by him. Neither is this medieval commentary on the Psalms, though it's very interesting.)

Also, here's a post at Blog by the Sea about his work to make Aristotle accessible to Christian academia.

It turns out that one famous picture of St. Albert by Tommaso da Modena was part of a series decorating a Dominican convent. I like the magnifying glass!

Here's a comment by our guy on marriage:

"Nothing prevents marriage from thus being traced back to two or three divine institutions: one relative to nature precisely as nature, another relative to nature precisely as fallen, a third relative to nature precisely as redeemed by Christ. And so marriage is the sacrament of innocence, in the Old Testament and in the New."

Here's another Marian comment by our guy:

"Do not be afraid, Mary,
for you have found favour with God."

Note, Mary, that you have found grace,
not taken it as Lucifer tried to do.

You have found grace, not lost it as Adam did.

You have found favor with God
because you desired and sought it.

You have found uncreated grace --
that is, God Himself became your Son --

and with that Grace
you have found and obtained every uncreated good.

Finally, here are lots of St. Albert links from the Dominicans.


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