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Sunday, November 27, 2005

Radiator Sickness

I write this not in a bad mood, and not in a good mood. I am in a half-asleep mood, and I have to get out of the house in about ten minutes when I really don't want to move. But if I want food and coffee and a trip to church that doesn't take a half hour's walk in the cold, I must move....

Fitting that the gospel reading for this Sunday is "Stay awake!"

Alas, the ancient radiators of my building are acting up again. They just came in and worked on mine last week, and already it needs it again! So it's lucky for me that the temperature has gone up somewhat. (But fear not. Since I'm in a building with other apartments whose radiators are working, I do get more heat than what the radiator is currently providing.)

I'm also not happy with my situation at I admit that a free service probably is going to have some hiccups, especially over Thanksgivingtide. Still, I would like my six chapters of Surtees to show up somewhere before Judgment Day. :)


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