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Tuesday, November 22, 2005

Churches Burned in France's Riots

Via The Anchoress. I've "translated" and added links to Alex Corvus' list of Christian churches burned and Christian cemeteries desecrated in the riots by the "youths" earlier this month.

5th Night. 31 oct-01 novembre. Mon-Tues
- La Teste-de-Buch (33260 Gironde). Cemetery desecrated.

10th Night. 05-06 novembre. Sat-Sun
- Liévin (62800 Pas-de-Calais). Church. Incendiary device. Door.

11th Night. 06-07 novembre. Sun-Mon
- Lens (62300 Pas-de-Calais). St. Edouard Church. Incendiary device. Door.
- Sète (34200 Hérault). Church in l’Ile de Thau. 2 incendiary devices. Windows.

12th Night. 07-08 novembre. Mon-Tues
- Strasbourg (67000 Bas-Rhin). St. Benoît (St. Benedict) Church. Incendiary devices. [Le Figaro - 10 nov 2005.]

15th Night. 10-11 novembre Thurs-Fri
- Houdain (62150 Pas-De-Calais). Polish Chapel. Church ransacked. (see letter by Patrick Bednarek, president of Poland)
- Rance (Belgium). St. Aldegonde Church. Church vandalized.

16th Night. 11-12 novembre. Fri-Sat
- Vesoul ( 70000 Haute-Saône). Church. Door burnt.

17th Night. 12-13 novembre. Sat-Sun
- Brignoles (83170 Var). Church. Door burnt.

18th Night. 13-14 novembre.
- Nanteuil-lès-Meaux (77100 Seine et Marne). Cemetery desecrated.

19th Night. 14-15 novembre.
- Draveil (91210 Essone) 2 chapels burnt? in the evangelical church in des Bergeries.

20e Nuit 15-16 novembre. Mardi-Mercredi
- Romans-sur-Isère (26100 Drôme). St. Jean-d’Ars Church. Arson.

All links inside the quotes are my own; they aren't Mr. Corvus' responsibility. And I'm just linking to the pictures. (I don't read French, see, and I suspect that forum site may not be a nice one.) Also, this article says that it was the "presbytère" (rectory?) of l'Ile de Thau that got burned. Here's a statement from Chirac about the church burned in Romans-sur-Isère, which apparently got a big reaction. Here's a small picture. The evangelical church in Draveil is apparently a member of the Assemblies of God.

This site has a letter to the President of France about the whole thing, as well as various other comments abou the whole Muslim violence situation from Indonesia to France. Which is sorta interesting, given that it's apparently on the official site for the Arras diocese in France. If somebody reads French or Babelfish better than I, please translate!

Finally, somebody did burn a French mosque this week. I condemn this act too.


  • At 8:51 PM, Blogger Fr. Larry Gearhart said…

    This is a very sad story about a clash of cultures. In some ways it is about the legacy of French imperialism coming home to roost. In some ways, it is about the problem of third world immigrants being shunned and remaining isolated and clannish. It is also about a clash of post-Christian "enlightenment" and faithful Islam.

    I have heard it said that the French government has no answer to this problem within the framework of their own philosophy. Too bad.


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