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Saturday, August 06, 2005

Another Reason to Oppose Islamofascism

Because it hates instrumental music.

"All instruments except the 'duf' - tambourine are forbidden"

"Singing is not haram..ofcourse it depends on what your singing. A good example to give is that of Cat Stevens who, when he first converted to Islam, gave up allll music. Then, slowly, he realized that he can still sing...and he does....only islamic music..praising Allah, etc. He doesnt use any of the instruments that are considered forbidden.

"in my is a waste of time (especially the type that is popular now). we are only here for a couple of decades..there is no time to waste."

"The reasoning is that music enslaves the soul, and the soul shouldnt be enslaved by anything but Allah."

Let's sit back and contemplate exactly how stupid this is.

These are folks with an incredible musical heritage, both of instrumental music and of secular song. Most of them, in fact, are part of cultures where it's still normal to compose songs and poems extemporaneously, and use them to talk about life.

These are folks who brought us the oud (lute), who started the troubadours singing, who lived to the rhythm of Middle Eastern music. And now they are spitting on their own devout ancestors and the glories of the the name of their devout ancestors and the glories of the Caliphate?!

All I can say, I'm glad I'm Catholic. Remind me to crank up that CD of Iranian classical music, kids. If we turn it down, the terrorists win!

Here's a page on traditianl Middle Eastern musical instruments.

Iranian classical music modes.

Radio Darvish. All Iranian classical music all the time. (You can listen to it on dialup also.)


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