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Friday, July 08, 2005

London Is Not Amused

Not much to say again today. I loved the picture of the English businessmen and ordinary guys asking the mounted policeman for a briefing. Look at their eyes -- don't they look like soldiers just looking to be pointed in the right direction? Not even grim -- just ready for anything. has plenty of classy political cartoons today on the bombings, including an incredibly touching one from our friends in Jordan. I'm ashamed to say that our own Mike Peters was one of the cartoonists who tried to use murder to make loony political points. He's not on the site, at least today.

Here's my comment. It can't improve on Tim Worstall's description of the London state of mind, but here goes:

We will not give up.
We will not give in.
We will not give over;
We won't let them win.
We'll give all we've got
And we will not forget,
And six feet of England's
Is all their bones'll get.


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