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Thursday, July 28, 2005

Bopping Around St. Blog's

Since I have nothing to say at the moment, why don't I bop around a few blogs in the St. Blog's family and see what they have to say?

Catholic Australian Credibility posts about Maria Korp, 'the Australian Terry Schiavo', here and upward. Apparently it's now a death penalty offense to be a murder victim and not actually, you know, die. Ironically, the guy who tried to kill her now wants her kept alive to save himself from murder charges. Not that that's any reason to starve and dehydrate the poor lady to death -- rather, it's added condemnation of the system and her court-appointed 'guardian'. Via The Dawn Patrol.

Totally randomly, I bopped over to Knit and Pray, a blog by one of those crafty ladies. It seems to be heavy on pictures of babies and kids (good!), UPPERCASE (not so good!), and posted prayers. These aren't usually my thing, but this Litany of Reparation to Our Lord in the Eucharist is pretty interesting, if only for the line "For the unworthy conversations carried on in Thy holy temples". Not something we usually think about as a problem these days, is it?

If Flannery Had a Blog.... has good stuff all the time. Why didn't anybody ever make us read her for school? Why don't parishes have her in their libraries? But nooooo. Bah. Must read her soon. If I can ever find her books in the library instead of checked out.

I definitely need to give a shoutout to The History Buff, who's yet another of the Catholic science fiction fan collective. (We need to start a club.) She's a lot more trad-oriented than I am, but of course there's nothing wrong with that.

For Lack of a Better Term pointed me to Wasting Time with God, a Flash animation site dedicated to little webcartoon movies about St. Simeon Stylites, re-imagined as praying on top of a tower block in a city instead of a pillar in the desert! The latest movie is dedicated to the London subway bombings. Make sure to play with the arrows; they move too!

I may bop around more later. This was fun!


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