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Wednesday, May 12, 2004

Ohio Bloggers!

Globe of Blogs has a bunch of Ohio bloggers for your perusal. Power to the Buckeyes!

Mommies at Law: Just what it says!
This Woman's Work: Stay-home feminism.

Blogbandit: Kevin Cole is obviously not your stereotypical Cedarville resident.

Reds Daily: All Cincinnati Reds, all the time. (And if this is the same J Arney I know -- hi, Sparky!)

Movies Past Tense: Historical flicks and sword-and-sandal pics. Joy, this one's for you.

Joe Clifford Faust: Science fiction author. I've never really read his books, but I think I may have to read his blog. Which of course will lead me to feel guilty if I don't buy his books....

Ferret Press: a small press for comics.

Celtic Fantasy is a heavily poetic blog by a woman from Cleveland.

Why should the earth continue?
Why does the universe become curious
To see what will be for me and you
When there is never going to be an us?

Ohio Parishioners of St. Blog's:
Video meliora, etc.
My Domestic Church
Mannequin Hands
(Yet another convert! Congratulations, Erin from Columbus! You go!)


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