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Monday, May 31, 2004

Anime Song Translation: Detective Conan aka Case Closed

As I fully expected, I really love Meitantei Conan. Even with the annoying character name changes. As long as the mysteries remain intact, I am so there.

Anyway, I ended up not liking the Funimation translation of the show's opening song. It's not bad; it's probably stronger than mine in many ways; seems to miss the point. (Not that it really matters, as the song was only shown on Cartoon Network on the pilot episode. CN almost always cuts the opening credits. It's a time thing.) So I will present my translation below.

"Mune ga Dokidoki"
(Detective Conan 1st opening song)
Translation by Maureen S. O'Brien, 5/31/04

A hundred years have now gone by --
It's turn of the century --
And when I knew that I should cry,
I felt a laugh escape from me.
Now a century has gone;
The Moon is shining yonder.
Out to that wide flying world,
I must begin to wander.

Now, way back when I was a child,
I know I lacked all understanding.
But now that I am all grown up,
I only know a few things.

So I'm not all that great
And I'm not all that bad.
All I can really know here is
Just my heartbeat pounding.
I don't know all the answers,
I don't know all the truth.
All I can really trust here is
Just my heartbeat pounding,
Only the pounding of my heart.


So the lesson sure is cool,
But I still don't understand.
I can only know the dream;
I just can't hold back the plan.
Build the operation, wait,
While patiently I ponder --
Those few things the child knew,
Now draw us here to wander.

So on the borderline of space,
I keep on building and rebuilding.
And of the mysteries of space,
I understand a few things.



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