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Monday, May 17, 2004

Achilles/Briseis -- Fanfic through the Ages:

Some of the reviewers got a tad huffy about it. Well, Hollywood didn't come up with the idea first. Achilles gets fixed up with all kinds of women in legend and lore.

And btw, Briseis isn't a "virgin consecrated to Apollo". Chryseis was the daughter of a priest of Apollo...but she's not in the movie. Briseis' real name, btw, was Hippodamia daughter of Briseus, and she was a widow. But nobody really does her this way, 'cause all that wasn't in the Iliad.

But no, I don't care. If Peter Jackson's fanfic was this well-written and on topic, I would've liked it, too.

Anyway, Horace was okay with the romantic version of the story.

There's no guilt, believe me, in loving such a
handmaid, Phocian Xanthias: long before you
proud Achilles fell to his slave Briseis'
snowdrift complexion."


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